I have a quad core xeon 3.0 mac pro with an older 1900 XT ATI card. This is from July 07

This is what I want to do: buy a efi32 mac version 8800GT card for $279 and then buy a pc version 8800GT (save 100 bucks) and use it as sli in windows.

As mac doesn't support sli there's no point in buying the mac version of the 8800.

I currently have an 8800 gtx (which is not supported by mac) and run in windows xp but the idea of swapping out cards to switch into leopard is a bit ridiculous which is why I'm thinking of this solution.

will this work? I don't want to buy a pc version of the 1st card and deal with flashing as I really don't know too much about it.

any guidance or previous experience would be most appreciated.