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    Attention iMac G4 800Mhz users do i upgrade or go windows PC route
    Dear Imac users,

    Okay I see the price of 512MB for imac G4 800 is about 60, but on modern macs I can pay same price for 2GB. This bites me slightly. I need to know that an Imac G4 800Mhz with 768 MB (133) will handle casual browsing/flash etc for at least another couple of years without me falling asleep. I am on a severe budget so would perhaps goto a 300 windows machine (cough) just for the economy (I can put 60 towards it instead of the old imac memory)

    Do you advise the upgrade and stay with 800Mhz or goto 300 windows pc option for the speed difference?
    Please advise as I find it a gross insult to the environment to dump any useful computer/technologies.

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    The RAM would definitely help - but if you are finding it slow then you might want to go the PC route

    Personally on my G4 733 - the only things I find a pain are uTube videos being slow and any video encoding taking ages. Otherwise this machine is just fine

    You could always sell the imac on ebay - someone will give it a home

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    Your G4 uses a laptop size SDRAM module, and yes these are expensive compared to DDR and DDR2. I would buy the extra memory, it'll really help, but the G4 is starting to show its age.

    Remember that there's another slot underneath the bottom of the imac with a full size SDRAM module, you can upgrade that for about $40 US, and get the SODIMM size one later, that'll give you 1gb and will really help prolong the life of your mac.

    My latest experiment is a 1ghz G4 emac. I threw 1gb of SDRAM in it and installed OS 10.5, and its very useable.

    Eventually, you might want to consider picking up a used Mac Mini with an Intel Core Duo (I got mine a year ago for $410 on ebay), the speed difference there will be dramatic.
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