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    Refurb 2.4MHz vs. New 2.4MHz and 2.66MHz
    Looking to buy a new iMac and wanted some thoughts on choices. Major anticipated uses are internet, iPhoto, iVideo, MSWord and MSExcel. Checked out the latest 20" iMacs (2.4 GHz and 2.66 GHz). While internet and MS apps on both seemed to launch at about the same speed, both iPhoto and iVideo were noticeably (and for me probably unbearably) slower on the 2.4 GHz model. So, right now I'm thinking the 2.66 GHz ($1499).

    However, I noticed on Apple site that a refurbished version of the previous generation aluminum $1499 machine is selling for only $1099. In looking at specs, I can see that previous generation machine is really closer in spec to the new 2.4 GHz machine - previous generation however has the Radeon 2600 graphics card and larger hard drive, but slower memory and bus speeds. I'd likely upgrade the memory on the refurb to 2GB.

    So here's my question: I'm figuring the refurbished model with a memory upgrade to 2GB would launch/run iVideo with a speed somewhere in between the new 2.4 GHz and 2.66 GHz models. The question is - which one would it be closer to? If close to the 2.66 GHz machine, it would be a good deal for me. If closer to the 2.4 GHz machine, it might still be too slow to be worth the savings.


    Another way to think of it is which would likely contribute to better performance of iVideo/iPhoto: the memory size or speed, the graphics card, or the processor/bus speed?

    thanks for any insights.

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    $125 for 4gb of ram is the first upgrade for the better performance.
    266 mhz doesn't make a huge difference but I always say, get the best you can afford. If your dropping it on your CC, you can't afford either anyways :O If your buying it, get the best you can buy

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