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william 11-06-2004 08:05 AM

Dvd Help
Hi Hope someone can help me. I'm looking for programme's that will enable me to Backup My DVD's to fit onto 4.7GB disc's such as a DVD Shrink type etc, that will run on Mac OS9.2.2.
Have searched the net all over and only can find OSX versions, I use a Lacie Writer to burn, through Toast Titanium, I would be very thankful if someone could help, have'nt had any response so far, could someone please advise.


Aptmunich 11-06-2004 11:03 AM

I downloaded this tutorial a while back (before I discovered handbrake that is) and I seem to remember that it was written for OS 9...

It also includes some software that you'll need...

Hope this helps!

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