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    do you know ???? or have you heard
    ok so I have been doing alot of research about the newest Imac 3.06GHZ , and many believe it to be overclocked and will run extra hot , so if that is the case what will apple do with the new intell chip comming in june that runs just as fast as the newest imac 3.06GHZ but with much less heat because it runs on much less power... Has anyone heard anything about this new chip and what apple is going to use it on ????

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    I think you are talking about the montevina chip that is due out from Intel in June. I have heard the current iMacs are not full blown montevina chips but have the same design but run 11 watts additional. So true it would make sense they will run warmer than the next model chip.

    What machines will it go into, well its just rumor but the MBP and MB are expected to get it first, then I would expect to see it filter down to the iMacs and Mini.

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