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    700Mhz Random Shutdown?
    I purchased a 700mhz emac on craigslist for 150.00 a month ago. I went on to install a double layer dvd burner, 500 gig drive and 1 gig of ram. Turned this into the ultimate iTunes jukebox, AMAZING! Now a month into this adventure my computer shuts down randomly and will restart, over and over again. I did some research and figured out that the thermal paste on the chip may need a new application. Did that and seemed to fix the problem for a few. Now it is back? I am running os x 10.4.11 Is there any software to diagnose this problem? Do i have a bad heatsink? Or do i need to re apply the thermal paste on the chip? If so, is there any recommendations on how to properly clean off the old thermal paste? I dont want to give up on this project, when this runs it is crazy how fast it is. And my CRT is easy on the eyes. Any help on this is very much appreciated, as I have searched long and hard with no solutions?

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    May be wildly wrong here, but it wouldn't be a heat issue from the large HD would it?

    Was it easy to change, as i want to change the HD in my Emac too?

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