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    help my access my email! and upgrade chat
    hello, I recently bought a cheap old imac (bondi blue, 233 MHZ, rev. a or b) running OS 9 to use for surfing the internet and playing Glider, but the main problem is that I can't access my email on it ( ! which is really annoying. I've tried IE, mozilla, opera, icab... any suggestions?

    spurred on by this and other desires, I have been researching the upgrade of this machine - to 256 MB ram, about 40 G hard drive and OS X panther. some people say it's a cool ideas, one person has laughed in my face, more or less. is it a cool idea? I could do it for under £200.
    thanks very much.. Henry

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    I have a 233 Mhz Bondi Baby too !
    It has 256 RAM - 80 GB HD and OS X 10.3.5 ( Panther ) I advise you do it, DO IT NOW !!

    OS X is just amazing it's a world apart from OS 9 and without a doubt you won't regret it .

    As for your email problem. Have you filled in all the fields correctly ? Have you got the correct POP and SMTP from your provider ?

    Hope this helps

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    Yeah, Safari is the only Mac browser that will run it, from my knowledge. Get Panther, and you'll be able to get to Gmail (PS I have Gmail too )

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