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    Question iMac G5 booting problem
    I have a 17" iMac 1.8ghz G5 that wont bootup. When i turn it on the apple screen comes on but the screen has spots where pixels flicker, its diffent spots every time i turn it on. the blue screen comes on after that but it freezes there and the fan gets really loud. the pixels flicker on this screen as well, it looks like when you load an old nintendo game and the screen has glitches. the video card is NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 Ultra graphics Processor 64mb DDR. I don't know if the video card fried or what, but if anoyne knows whats causing this please let me know. thanks

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    thanks man, i hope it works. this g5 is a pain sometimes.

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    that didn't work, i think it might have something to do with hardware.

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    Welcome here, randomdude.

    Check to see if your iMac wouldn't be included in this list. If it is, you are entitled to a freebie repair.

    Good luck !

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    Hi, this sounds very much like a memory card / logic board problem and could very likely be covered under apples REP policy.

    I am repairing machines like this on a weekly basis. If the machine is not over 3 years old you could be covered.

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    thanks dudes, it is covered by the extended warranty.

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