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    Hi, um I'm in a bit if trouble here. I just sold my mac on ebay. The problem is that I said it had 16GB of RAM. I have 2 GB right now, but I had called fry's before I put it on ebay to see how much RAM would cost so I could install it when my mac sold. They said 16GB would be $380. However, turns out that is for RAM that is not "full buffered." So I buy the RAM and it doesn't fit. I go back to fry's and finally a salesman tells the others that I need fully buffered RAM which ends up being $1400 after taxes. So my question is, is there anywhere online I can buy 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM RAM for less or am I going to eat that extra grand? I only blame myself for not being absolutely sure and trusting the frys staff. I'm supposed to meet this lady tomorrow, but if I can order tonight and have overnight shipping for the day after tomorrow I'm fine I think. Any help will be much appreciated thank you.

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    Tell the seller the problem and see if you can get out of the deal. Give him his money back and resell it. That should be a very easy thing to do.

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