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Thread: nvidia confused

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    nvidia confused
    Hello ppl!
    I am a bit confused...
    i want to upgrade the GPU of my MacPro ..
    it was bought during January 2007
    (it still has the 7300 GPU and it is a double dualcore)
    so i suppose it qualifies as a pre2008 machine right?
    so i need to get the 8800 for pre2008 machines...

    this is my assumption according to the previous logic..

    the vendor which is NOT Apple since in Greece we do not have Apple Greece...
    after i was asked for the Mac's Serial number they apologized coz as they said they cannot imort yet the "new" 8800 card intended for the new models and they informed me that if i should buy it online i should get (according to my serial number) the GPU for new (2008) models...(of course they discouraged me to do so ..and offered me to wait..but they didnt know how long...)

    since i find their answer inadequate (because i know my Mac is pre2008!!!) i decided to post a question here..if it is possible to find out which card i should use using a "solid" or more logic method...
    thanks in advance...

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    There is a special 8800GT for the original Mac Pro. The US Apple store sells two different versions; you have to purchase the right version for Mac Pro.

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