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    clicking sound when turns on
    ive had my imac g5 for about a year and a half now and it started making a clicking sound when it would come back from sleep. a couple days ago i shut it down and now i try to turn it on and it makes the same clicking sound but osx never starts up it just shows a white screen and eventually a folder with a ? inside pops up.

    i have a feeling its the hard drive and i also am past the warrentee so its prob gonna cost me a bunch to fix

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    Try Disk Utility from the install disk. (repair disk) If it is the HDD, it should let you know.
    Also, the Apple Hardware test.
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    i ran the hardware test and it said there was no problems. weird enough i took the disk out and restarted and everything worked.

    so luckily im on it right now n im just backing up what i can to some disks n then ill prob bring it to the apple store to get checked out and ill prob spend massive amounts of money for it

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    Keep an eye on SMART verified in Disk Utility. If it advises failing get a new HD in there asap.

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