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    Question do i go for a preowned Mac
    I presently own a pc but would like to get a mac. I have seen some on ebay,G4 . I would like to know if it can be upgraded re processor ram hdd etc. Also at the cost of say 200 would this be worthwhile.


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    200 is kind of steep. How fast are we talking about? Do you have a link for more info?

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    G'day and welcome to the Forums.

    Depends entirely on the model as there are many, many G4's. Assume you are in the UK? There like here in Australia used prices are through the roof for pre-loved Macs. That price (no pound key sorry) would be okay for say a DP 1GHz Quicksilver, but not for a Digital Audio or prior.

    All Quicksilver processors can be upgraded, as can Mirror Disc Dook models, but it is not cheap.

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