If anyone is looking for separate Mac Drivers for Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro and Microsoft Intellimouse, here is a link,


After installing the software, you will find Microsoft Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse in System Preferences.

The Keyboard mapping is in US, to change this to a UK mapped keyboard, click on the British Flag located in the Menu at top right of Desktop Screen, select British -Microsoft.

You will be able to re-assign other keyboard shortcuts etc in System Preferences along with swapping the Ctrl Command and Alt keys to the Apple system.

I discovered the URL link for the separate keyboard and mouse software by accident when looking at the Microsoft 6000 Laser Mouse.
My previous attempts at trying to find microsoft input software only managed to find software for the combined keyboard/mouse, but this only installed software for the mouse without the keyboard.

I'm really delighted to be able to use the familiar input devices that I was so used to when I was a Windows sufferer!

Hope this post is of some help.


Bill Gates, your attempts at producing Operating Systems are pathetic, but you do make good input devices!