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    Unhappy Eject Disc While Off? (or Startup Disk Trouble)
    Ok, so I think I might have done something stupid. I got a bootable copy of iPartition on a DVD. I wanted to increase the size of my Bootcamp partition without it totally wiping my data from the partition. So I wasn't sure if it would work by just putting the dvd in and then restarting the computer, so I set the startup disk to the DVD.

    Now, when it boots up it takes a little while but it does boot up. However the only thing on the disc is iPartition. So I resized my partition, all good. Now when I went to change the startup disk, everything is grayed out. Nothing under the Apple menu is available to click on. So now every time I restart my computer it boots from the DVD, and when I try to hold down the alt button to change the boot disk it doesn't work. I'm not sure why it doesn't work, it just doesn't.

    So is there a way to eject the DVD while the computer is off so it forces itself to boot from the hard drive? I know on PC's there a small hole to stick a paperclip or something small into to eject it. But I can't seem to find something like that on my Mac Pro.

    Edit: I've tried holding Option on startup, X on startup, Option+Cmd+Shift+Delete on startup. Nothing works. Just always boots up from the DVD.

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    Ok, nevermind. After about 10 tries of doing different key commands, it finally let me choose what volume to boot from. I actually ended up alternatingly (is that a word?) pressing the two Option keys and that finally worked.

    You can go ahead and delete this thread if you want. Sorry.

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