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    CPU for my Logic Board?
    So I want to try building my first mac, because I aquired an old G4 case that comes with a power supply...

    ....and I bought a 820-1153-A logic board ...

    Problem is - I cant find a "list" or resource anywhere that will tell me what CPUs are compatible with which mother boards....etc.

    Point being - I cant find out which CPU(s) will actually work with this logic board, or that it can or cannot handle....etc.

    Anyone know where I can look this info up?

    Is there a chart or something like it online somewhere where I can see what CPUs will work with which Logic Boards?

    Thanks in advance


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    I did a little Googling and came up with this site, might help.

    I Googled 820-1153-A logic board and got quite a few lead but this one had a processor type which you can now Google, etc.

    Good luck on your build.


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    I did some googling also. Some dood on Ebay has what he says is a Digital Audio board but for sure he is wrong as it's clearly an older board with 4 RAM slots.

    How many RAM slots does your board have? 3 or 4. If it's 4 that proves it's not a DA but either Ethernet or Sawtooth.

    Check this URL. Does your board look exactly like this one?

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