I got home a few weeks ago and thought i would finish a tune on a music programme called Reason 4. I loaded up the tune and tried to play it and as soon as it started to play it starts jumping, cutting out and spluttering....... the DSP level(which shows the amount of power the mac is using) which never went above 1 bar before at the bottom flies up to 10 bars into the red and it tells me my computer is to slow and i need to optimize the song??! Its like it with every tune i have made now. i have never had a problem before all songs had not been touched and the application ran fine and i have changed nothing on my Mac. no downloads nothing.

I first wrote to Reason forums, as i thought it was a problem with Reason but i have now been told it is a mac problem and this has happened to allot of people and the culprit is when the latest airport and security updates came in at the end of March and ever since i downloaded them it as ruined Reason and other music applications which were once fine!

I am running it on a Mini Mac. Running OS X 10.4.11

* 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
* 512 MB 667mhz DDR2 SDRAM memory
* 120GB hard drive
and still have loads of space

I have had Reason 4 for 3 months and as i said itís worked fine until now and I just cannot understand why the DSP levels are full when i play any tune i have made and it now says my Mac is to slow!!! When two days before all the tunes played fine and ran like a dream! Its so strange that this has suddenly just happened without me changing anything.

Anyway i just wondered if anyone as any ideas to why this has suddenly happened and what you think it could be and have any advice as I feel I have hit a brick wall?? I have checked the audio options in reason preferences and my computer and it is all fine? My mini mac has an internal sound card so i cannot do anything to it as there are no options! I also have 10 GB of space on my harddrive and as i said i have not changed anything on my computer and this has suddenly happened when its has run fine for months??

Hope somebody out there can help as i just donít know what the problem could be! is it these updates and can anybody give me adive to sort my computer out?? is a virus? i just don;t know!

much love, hope somebody out there can help!!