Hi all,

(Warning: Long and techie post ahead...)

I've built my own DVI to SCART lead, in a vein attempt to avoid buying an Apple DVI to S-Video adapter :-)

If I use the lead with 'Detect Displays' the Mac Mini picks up the new display as a VGA monitor. Now, obviously when in use, the Apple DVI adapter is sending some signal(s) to the computer to enable TV-Out mode from the DVI socket.

Anybody got any bright ideas as to what this is? Does the DVI adapter use the DDC signals to send an ID to the Mac? Or is some signal set high / low on the DVI pin (the HotPlug signal)?

Can anyone with a DVI-S-Video apapter check the DCC values with DisplayConfigX or SwitchresX for me? i really want RGB output from my Mac on my TV, not S-Video or composite, or any other inferior signals!

Anyway, answers on a post card please :-)

Cheers all,