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Thread: Buying Mac Pro

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    Question Buying Mac Pro
    I'm going to be purchasing a Mac Pro in about a week or so. I want to have at least 4 gigs of ram. But the ram that apple is selling is expensive. I found inexpensive Ram on Can anyone suggest a good place to purchase Ram for a 800Mhz Mac Pro.


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    Quad 2.8GHz Mac Pro, Edge iPhone,, or any of the big manufacturer's have it for sale on their website.

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    Look at 2 Gig 195.00, 4 Gig 269.00, 8 Gig 799.00.

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    I just bought (and received) my Mac Pro memory from OWC MacSales. Ordered late Friday evening, arrived this morning (Tue).
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    At the Apple Store here in Dallas just a few days ago, the staff were praising Crucial's memory as very good if you were going to get your own memory for a Mac Pro. I am thinking of buying a Mac Pro myself and was asking them about the outrageous fee they want for the extra 2 GB to go from the stock 2 GB up to 4 GB. I suggested I was thinking of Crucial and that was their response.
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    I highly recommend
    Ship same day, and best prices even compared to OWC, Crucial, Newegg, etc.

    8GB kit is like, 346 US

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