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    PC to Mac advise needed
    OK, this question has not doubt been ask 1000`s of times so I sorry to ask such a noob question,

    I have been a PC user for around 20 years or so and I am geting tried of upgrading and spending lots of money well no more......

    What I want to do is convert videos so i can stream them to the xbox 360 ( a app called connect360 should do this for me I hope) and i want to mess around with pictures and surf the internet and do my website. I a very good friend who has advise me on a mac but which one there are so many versions

    I was looking at the 24" i mac 2.8 intel core 2 duo but I would never use the power and i be ok with the 20" imac 2.0 or 2.4 intel dore 2 duo

    I am not looking to play games as i have an xbox 360 all i want is a computer that never breaks or gets a virus or have to down load drivers for this app etc or pice of hardwere.

    can anyone answer these for me

    1 is the Mac O/S 64bit how much memory will i need or what do you adivse
    2 I belive you can still use windows vista ? if so can yo pick up virus this way will you be able to play pc games if i want to ?

    3 The wife uses Microsoft Office is Mac office compatable

    4 Can the Mac be upgrading in anyway if needed

    5 Thie wife gets a good discount so I will get a imac 24" 2.8 i get for around 1250 in stead of over 1400 but is it to power full for what i to do

    Thanks for reading I look forward to using the mac in the next few weeks

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    1. Amount of RAM is your choice. You may find that the RAM that comes as standard will be enough. Otherwise read part 4.
    2. Windows XP / Vista can be installed using Boot Camp, which ships with Leopard or you can buy an app to run it inside OS X
    3. There are three options: Microsoft Office, Apple iWork and NeoOffice / OpenOffice. NeoOffice and OpenOffice are free and open source both of which work very well. NeoOffice does look better than OpenOffice.
    4. There is a RAM access door on the back of the iMac. Buy your RAM from Crucial and fit it yourself. It is so much cheaper.
    5. I like the big 24 inch screen but for the price a 2.4 processor should be fine

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    1. yes it is 64 bit, has been fully 64 bit since 10.4 Tiger

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