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Thread: using G4 500 CPU in B&W G3

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    using G4 500 CPU in B&W G3
    Hello there,

    This is my first post and got to say this is a great forum (been reading around) I am newbie switcher (mac for a month now), but an advanced PC user.
    I was about to post this in the Switcher section but the question is more advanced:

    Is it possible to use an original G4 500 or 450 (from a Cube or PPCG4) in a
    rev2 B&W G3 400 ??

    I have also seen firware upgrades for the B&W G3s, are they needed ??

    Thanks a lot

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    No, this CPU swap won't work.
    The original G4 450MHz and 500 MHz where built in the G4 Sawtooth (aka AGP graphics). In this one, the CPU is mounted on a daughterboard. The B&W G3s CPU is on a ZIF socket.

    The G4 "Yikes!" (aka PCI graphics) had a G4 (350MHz and 400MHz) mounted as ZIF, and I think it's compatible with the B&W G3 (not sure though).

    You can get even faster G3 and G4 upgrades from and

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    Well I guess CPU upgrade is worth it.
    I will swap the 12GB 5400 rpm with a 20GB 7200rpm ... that should make a difference.
    Problem is it is ATA33 ...

    Would upgrading the ATI Rage128 to a Geforce2 help (with PCI hack thingy) ??

    Considering I have 512MB ram it should be fine ....

    Thanks for the reply

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