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Thread: 1.8's RAM

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    1.8's RAM

    I am wondering about ram for a single 1.8GHz G5 and that it comes with 256MB

    256MB DDR400 SDRAM (PC3200) - 2x128MB

    it comes with 2 x 128

    Do I have to put RAM in the single in pairs because it only supports 4GB I think maybe there will just be 4 slots... but it comes with 2 sticks so I am lost :dummy:

    Can anyone tell me? Thanks :mac:
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    The 1.8 single processor comes with 4 slots. 2 of those slots are being used when the machine is shipped to you. Therefore you have 2 open slots. As far as I know you have to install in pairs altho I have conflicting reports direct from Apple. I am quite sure it's in pairs only. If you want more Ram you might have to do a trade out with a company that will exchange the Ram you have now for higher Ram. Of course you could just leave the 256MB you have and install 2 512MB Chips or 2 1GB Chips or 2 256MB Chips, etc. to get up to the Ram you desire.

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