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    Feb 08, 2008
    Black Face Intel iMac 1TB Hard Drive Replacement
    I installed a 1TB Hard Drive in my brand new intel Imac yesterday. Surprisingly it was not near as hard as everyone makes out. I have general computer knowledge, none previously with MAC. To give you a simple run down of how to do it, I will post a little summery.

    Tools Needed
    Large Suction Cup
    Torqx Screwdriver (small one)

    1. Use the suction cup to remove the glass screen. The screen is held on by little magnetic pegs. There are no screws. Start with the top right corner, then the left. It will latterly just pull right out very easily. Make sure you pull it straight out, do not angle it like a hinge.

    2. Remove all the screws for the front face, and pull apart from the bottom, remember the ISIGHT CAMERA. You can unplug it and remove the facia.

    3. Remove the LCD screws. (Here's were it gets a little tricky) I did not want to unplug the ribbons. It might be easy I don't really know, but I did not want to chance messing up my screen. I just pulled it up from the top and propped it up like a car hood. There are four little plugs you have to unplug, two at the top two at the bottom. I marked one of each set with a marker to make sure I plugged them in to the right slot with reassembling the IMAC.

    4. You will now see the Hard Drive. It is held in with a little clip on the top. Pop the case out, unplug the SATA cables, and unscrew the casing and reattach to the new hard drive. Clip it back into place and plug both cables back into the Hard Drive.

    5. Let the LCD Screen back down slowly plugging in the four plugs you previously disconnected. Screw the the LCD panel back in.

    6. Plug in your Isight and replace the bezel. Screw all screws back in ensuring the memory tabs are not poking out.

    6. Clean LCD and Glass Cover well ensuring no lint or anything is on them and place the glass back into its slots. WALA your done.

    I found pictures here

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    20" iMAC Intel
    We just installed a new hard drive in my iMAC 20" I got in November 2007. On December 30, 2008, just barely a year after getting it the hard drive took the deep six. I was really angry. It shouldn't have died that fast. Of course I didn't have an extended warranty. Saw no need to because of previous success with Apple products. Fritz got me a new Western Digital. We just put it in following your directions posted here. Your directions worked great! Fritz is installing the Essentials now as I type. Thank you for posting such easy to follow directions. Make sure you keep a copy. I am sure others will need it. Especially since Apple seemed to be running with Seagate drives and they are failing. (Fritz' Seagate in his mini just recently died too.) Again, many thanks!!

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    Jan 07, 2009
    Can I ask the model number of the HDD you used to upgrade ?
    I was looking at a Samsung F1 but other info would help make the decision.

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    I also would be interested in hard drive Brand and model.
    Also does anyone know if you can use the Sony Mavica mini cd adapter in the new Intel iMac CD/DVD Drive?

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    Nov 05, 2008
    Clear packing tape works pretty well for lifting the glass.

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    Mar 18, 2009
    Video Guide: Install hard drive in 20" 24" intel imac
    Video Guide: Install hard drive in 20" 24" flat screen intel imac
    My hard drive took a dump a month after my warranty expired. I made this video for anyone that go screwed by apple and doesn't want to pay someone to fix your brand new mac.
    Remove your hard drive in less that 6 minutes!
    It's very similar to methods described on this page, but this is good if you're a visual person.

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    2011 13" MBP 2.3ghz, 8gig ram, OS 10.8.5
    ; ) : ) : )

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    Mar 18, 2009
    Open, Replace, Install iMac hard drive. Photos, video, compatible hard drives.
    I added compatible hard drive replacements and high res photos to my blog, check it out.

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    iPhone 3GS 32gb,
    very nice and helpful! can you just let me know what type of hard drive you used?
    Check out my site and add me as a contact on flickr!

    Anyone interested in photography? Click here!

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    Mar 15, 2010
    HDD Upgrade
    I just installed a 1 TB WD. The .5 TB that came with the box died O/A its second BD, so they installed a new .5 at the Apple store. Of course there was no way they could upgrade it because it wouldn't be covered, even though APPLE was installing it for me.

    Anyway, time machine is restoring the new drive, and I'l see what happens. Appreciate what y'all have going here - wouldn't have wanted to attempt it bareback.


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    iMac upgrade to 2TB hard drive
    I've used this guide to upgrade my iMac hard drive to 2 TB, there seems to be heaps of success stories reported on the site... Most importantly I found it to be very easy to do!!!

    AMFITEATAR - Naucni portal - Upgrade your iMac 20" or iMac 24" aluminum 2007, 2008 & 2009 to 1.5 or 2TB Hard Drive - DIY Guide

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