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    Question iMac G5 mouse problem
    I have had mt 20 inch G5 for a few weeks now. I have 1.25G of RAM. Whenever my computer wakes up from sleep, the mouse becomes erratic, skipping and slowing the system down. This happens even when the only app open is Safari. I am not using memory-heavy apps when this occurs. The only way to fix this is to restart. Apple support had me clear the PRAM (no effect) plug the mouse into different ports (also didn't work) and even tried creating another user account (still no change). Any suggestions?

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    iMac G5 mouse problem
    I have exactly the same problem including with a replacement optical mouse from Apple. Today, no thanks to more than 3 hours on the telephone with Apple support, I discovered the mouse works ok when I use the cardboard back of a yellow pad for a mouse pad. My guess, and I know from nothing technical, is that there is a basic design flaw in the white mouse and it will not work on any surface with even a hint of reflective surface. The old black Apple optical mouse from my iMac 400 G3 works fine with the G5 on any surface but, who wants to do that. The new mouse is supposed to work and I have seen no advisory to use only on a non-reflective surface. May not be the real answer but it works here.

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    Hello there. I installed an iMac G5 for my Father in law and I too have this problem. I wonder how long it will take Apple to "own" it? At least I won't waste my time trying to get a replacement if it won't solve the problem. Any news since these postings?

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    Your mouse actually wakes up from sleep????

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