Hi Guys,

I have two Dell 2001FP LCD's and the 1st one is connect via a dr bott ADC to DVI adaptor off port 1 of my graphics card and it works great. The 2nd LCD when connected via the DVI port (port 2 on the graphics card) has a very odd display as seen here :

G5 dvi issue

The g5 is a dual 1.8ghz with the geforce fx card, I think its the fx 5300 by Nvida. Nvida doesn't support mac stuff directly and apple won't talk about my dell LCD and dell doesn't support mac... so, I'm hoping someone out there has a clue I know it works with a DVI to VGA adaptor but I want to use DVI partially for clarity of picture and partially so I can share my LCD's with my PC using the different ports and not a KVM switch.

Is the DVI port on my card a non-standard for DVI and maybe I need some gizmo to fix it ?

Thanks in advance.