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Thread: USB PCI card

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    USB PCI card

    I recently bought a belkin USB PCI card (2.0) to speed up printing, since i have a G4 quicksilver 800Mhz, which has 1.0 standard built in.

    I installed the card and looked at the System Profiler.

    I saw a bunch of USB ports, together with the new one, but the HP Laserjet 1015, which i connected to this new card, turns up at a USB port, which can do 12mb/sec. Though it is connected to the fast USB, which is also displayed there. According to the System Profiler, it can do 480 mb/sec, but apparently nothing is connected to it, the Profiler says the printer is connected to a standard (slow) port.


    Does anyone know anything about this?

    Thanks in advance


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    I presume that the printer only supports USB 1.1. Even if you have USB 2.0, if you connect a USB 1.1 device it will connect with USB 1.1 speed.
    Everything's fine with your card.

    Anyway, 12Mb/s is more than fast enough for any printer.

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    Actually, the printer supports 2.0 usb. It's just that osx (Panther 10.3.5) says it's connected to a 'slow' port, when it's actually connected to the new card.

    The speed (12mb/sec) is the slow card, osx says the fast card can do 480mb/sec, in mbit i take.

    So there should be a performance increase should the printer be connected to this high speed port right?

    My question is: why does osx think the printer is connected to a usb port where the printer is actually not connected to?


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