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Thread: Floppy drive in MDD

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    Floppy drive in MDD
    I want to install an internal 3.5 drive in the second drive in my MDD powermac for my computer science class so I can easily transport my programs. The problem I have encountered is how to open that drive since the keyboard only opens the one drive. If I remember right OSX has an Icon you just place in the dock to do that but I can't find it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    A floppy drive doesn't need to be opened. The problem you will have on the MDD is that both drive bays have a cover, which usually is pushed open by the tray of the optical drive.

    As a floppy doesn't have a tray, you have to open the door by hand, which is fiddly on the MDD.

    I would suggest you buy an external floppy, allthough I'm not sure how you'll be able to eject the floppy.

    On Macs with floppy, there was a special drive. It didn't have an eject button, and to eject the flopyy, you had to drag it to the trash icon, which automatically ejected the floppy.

    PC floppies can't do that, and to be honest, I'm not really sure if Mac OS X still has floppy support...Apple has dropped the floppy drive a long time ago, even before OS X came out.

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    OS X does not support the floppy drive. If your system can boot into OS 9, then you can access the floppy drive.
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    Thank you for your help. I can boot into os9 so the external ones are the route for me.

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