I have just purchased a Imac G5.

It is missing a few items and may be faulty. So would be gratefull for some advice.

The imac G5 is missing the memory and the HD.
I have installed a stick of DDr memory and I get a power light on the front right which i suspect is also the HD access light as it flashs as if trying to access harddrive.the imac G5 makes a bong and the the normal apple tune which I would suspect means the main board is ok.Am I correct ?

But I do not get any display on the monitor.I was expecting to get the sad face appear on the screen .So can anyone confirm if the Imac G5 does not power the screen if no HD is detected?(Grasping straws I know)

As I am not at home at the moment I can not try a disk drive in it.but I will test a drive in it later as my PC has a 80GB sata drive in it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.