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    Flashing Blue Globe on startup
    Umm.. I have a G3 Ruby Red iMac with Mac OS X Panther

    Tonight, I went to restart my computer, and I restarted it, but when I turn it on, I get the blue mac-globe ball in the center of the screen flashing. It's a grey background, with a white square, with a blue globe in the little white square, flashing on my screen, and nothing happen from there. When I turn it on i get the mac-chime, and then this happens.

    Anything that may assist me in fixing this?


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    Turn it on and hold down the C key. Your iMac is trying, for some reason, to boot from a network drive. Since none exists it is stalling. It should kick to the next valid boot device, your hard drive. If it's not, perhaps your drive is bad for some reason.

    Anyways, holding down the C key will tell it to look at the CD-ROM drive, and then, ultimately at the Hard Drive.

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    Clear the PRAM. Turn on the computer while holding Apple+Option+P+R, and let go after you hear 4 chimes.

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