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Thread: Fauty IMac

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    Fauty IMac
    Recently I bought a faulty IMac. On turn on it chimed once and turned of immediatly. So I took the b ack cover off and took the logic card out, which had apple info about this IMac, Model CR-175-0,
    Manufatured Apr 1999
    Took the metal shield that coversthe SODIMM memory and re-inserted the memory. Put the IMac back togethger and turned it on a few seconds after the chime I heard it accessing the HD. I didn't see anything because the screen was blank, but stayed on for as long as I left it. I then found there is a Video Connector on the main board and a small card next it. So I re-installed that.
    Now on turn on it chimes, begins to access the HD and then turns off.
    Questions, As I took the screws out that I found hold the CD-ROM in place by mistake and then adjusted the position of The CD to the place it was could that action have disturbed the HD IDE cable, power lead?
    Should this be my next state of proccedear?
    From Richard.

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    Alright..well not to sound rude or anything..but if you don't know what you are unscrewing for sure..then you SHOULDNT be in the machine in the first place..more then likely you made the issue worse..which you have..But anyway..It could be the display itsellf.or like you said one of th e cables. Try reseating the cables and see if that helps anything. Though it really sounds like you should have an Apple Certified Repaircenter doing this...


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    Thank you for your reply Animantronica
    And no I don't take it as rude. I have repaired one PC and built a new PC, and after buying my G4 and being happy with it I decided to take up another project that has taught me qute a few things
    I appreciate any comments and suggestions.

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    Well, first off I am just assuming that you mean it is an iMac G5,based on the fact that you said "took the back cover off", and bought it recently.

    Now, as Animatronica said before, not to sound rude or anything, but even if you *do* know your way around a computer well, you should still take this to an Apple Certified Repair Center. If you have any Apple stores around or the new mini apple stores, those are the places I'd reccommend.

    If this was bought within the last year(or 3 years if you have AppleCare[which I reccommend]) you can bring it in and they will either fix or replace your iMac for free.


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    if the logic board was manufactured in 1999 I highly doubt it is a iMacG5
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    Your right it's not a IMacG5.
    As it never booted since I got it as a project I think it may be a G3.
    And your right saying Once you go Mac you never go back, that's why I'm determind to try and fix it, no matter how long it takes, getting any help I can.

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