I rarely post these days but I have been lurking for some time. I recently acquired an iMac G3 Blueberry, absolutely mint, 400MHz DV and have set it up with Panther. It's a lovely machine but at the moment it is desk sharing with a Dell GX240. (I'm a Windows and Linux user too)

Now I would like to relocate the iMac G3 to my bedroom where I could sit down and work when I don't want to be at my desk but in my 'chill out' area if you will.

The problem is that I also have a TV in the spot where the iMac could go and it does get used and has a Playstation also attached, which I know it's ancient (I don't own any really new computer stuff, my newest is a ThinkPad T40 - so that's 2003 -- the old stuff is doing everything I need see...) but it also gets used.

The long and short of it is that to get the iMac in there, I want to at least get the Playstation running 'through' the iMac and if I was doing very well, the TV too.

That down side is I am not aware of any TV Tuners (doesn't have to be DVB-T/Digital, Analogue is fine) that are suitable for a 400MHz iMac G3...

Does anyone have any conclusive proof of that? All I want to do is run a signal through and show it on the iMac's screen, I have no desire to pause or rewind.

This should in theory be possible as back in the day I had an ATI All in Wonder 128 Pro card, which ran a Pentium II 233MHz... Now that is going back a bit Of course I have no access to PCI, let alone AGP in this iMac so USB or FW400 is the only way forwards.

Thanks, either way, I love this Blueberry iMac. Brings back memories of when they first came out and the college replaced their Performas with them in '98/99.