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    Internal Modem was Never Great
    Hi All, this is my first post on Mac-Forums.

    I've had my iMac G4 17" FP for since Sept, 2002. It been a great machine, but I must admit certain items in it have prematurely failed or worked intermittently.

    The superdrive worked for maybe 4 months before being able to burn cd's only. Thats a long story. But my biggest problem (since I rely on dial up internet living in the country), is the internal modem.

    The modem seems to work only intermittently, often giving me "No dial tone detected", or making various tones without out actually getting a line first. This is a different set of problems that that it gave me with 10.3.4. Prior to updating to 10.3.5, I would just get a continuous "disconnecting" message, and would have to reboot to connect each time.

    If only the internal modem were easy to change. Because there is no broadband where I live, I am forced to buy an external modem, or junk my iMac for a new one.

    I am thinking about getting an iMac G5 next year, but I am really hoping that Apple has elected to put a better modem in the G5, or that tiger will fix the issues.

    Is anyone able to post what type of modems are in the new iMac g5's?

    This is what is in my G4:

    Modem Information:

    Modem Model: Dash2
    Firmware Version: APPLE VERSION 2.6.3
    Country: 20 (Canada)
    Driver: InternalUSBModem.kext (v2.6.3)
    Interface Type: USB
    SKU Name: UCJ
    Modulation: V.92
    Hardware Version: 1.0F

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    The issues with the modem can be more then just the Modem in your computer. It may be the phone line you are using to connect the computer to, The jack on the end of the main line, the main phone line itself. A bad wire connection in the box could be the issue for the " no dial tone". I had that issue before with mine when i Had dial up. Every once and a while a wire would get off place and "no dial tone" anymore and I moved would come right back on. The disconnections could be an issue with the ISP itself. How much of these factors have you checked before you went on to conclude it is the Modem in your computer? As for what Modem is in the ImaC G5..all that I know is that its a Motorola V.92...Atleast mine was(I sold it due to obtaining a PM G5).

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