I've already posted about Firewire ports not working on my Mirrored Door G4. The Mac is over 2 yrs old and came with Dual Boot software 9.2 and 10.2. It was a little bugger right from the start and I had enless crashes with Quark, Suitcase etc. Did complete re-formats etc but still really unstable, which rendered it pretty useless as a workstation for my trusty assistant. Then later we also got a mirrored door G4 but with Dual boot, 9.2 plus Panther 10.3.2. This machine ran like a dream with Quark etc; (haven't put Suitcase on, instead running FontBook which up until now has been OK, but now fonts are acting up (see other thread about fonts).)

Basically because the newer Panther seemed much more stable, I took the system disks from the newer Panther machine and put that on the older Mac too. Could this have caused my firewire to stop working? I looked to see if the firmware needed an update and it didn't seem to. (Unfortunately I never used firewire before I changed the system discs over so I couldn't say whether they worked before or not - I know some other people have had firewire problems).

Was this an OK thing to do or am I asking for trouble? I've noticed some other glitches on this older Mac... could it be that it's always going to be unstable (dodgy motherboard or something?)

Any feedback would be great.