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    Imac vs ebay PLEASE HELP ME
    I just purchased a slightly used iMac for use up at my military collectible shop.
    I try to log onto ebay to check my listings, and I get an error message from ebay saying that "These items are not alllowed in your country..blah..blah..."
    and it won't show me my items (US WW2 stuff, that is still very much allowed here in the US of A)
    I think it thinks I'm in a different country or somthing, I set the clock to Chicago time, I emptied the Cache to get rid of any old cookies.
    Does anyone have a clue what I can try? (running osX & Safari)


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    Try Safari > Reset Safari...

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    tried re-setting safari.
    no luck. ???????

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    I gve in and launched explorer, no more problems with ebay. I still don't like it, but untill I find a fix for safari 'll have to use it.

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