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    Dec 30, 2008
    White MacBook iMac G3 Dell inspiron laptop Dell inspiron
    Post About Me And My Computers!
    The first computer I ever got was an e-machines when I was six (8 years ago and then got rid 4 year later when I was 10.
    When I was 12 I got my White MacBook! Then 7 Months later I bought a Dell 530s tower (at 13) for my ICT GCSE and then 2 months after that I got a Dell laptop.

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    Feb 04, 2008
    Detroit, Michigan
    MacBook Pro 15" - 2.3 GHz Quad i7- 12GB RAM - 500GB SSD - 1TB HDD - macOS Sierra
    MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz Quad i7 - 12GB RAM - 500GB SSD - 1TB HDD - macOS Sierra
    MacBook Air 1.3 GHz Core i5 - 4 GB RAM - 128 GB SSD - macOS Sierra

    MoTM February 2009

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    Dec 30, 2008
    White MacBook iMac G3 Dell inspiron laptop Dell inspiron
    Arrow What Mac Do You Have?
    What Mac Do You Have?
    I have a iMac G3 (Just come!) and a MacBook White.

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    Oct 22, 2007
    Mac Mini Core i7 2012 | White 2009 MacBook 2 Ghz | 733 Mhz G4 Quicksilver
    G4 Quicksilver Tower

    Macintosh SE30
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    Jan 04, 2009
    Devon, UK
    2.0Ghz, 160GB, 4GB RAM
    Aluminium Macbook

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    Aug 18, 2007
    Wilmington, NY
    15" Unibody MBP (2009), White MB (2009), iMac G4
    iMac Aluminum 24"
    iMac G4 15"
    iMac G3 Grape
    Mac Pro

    MacBook White 2.0 Ghz C2D
    MacBook White 2.0 Ghz CD
    PowerBook G4 12"
    iBook G4
    iBook G3

    Classic Macs:
    Macintosh Classic II
    Macintosh Plus
    Macintosh Performa 6110
    Macintosh LC II

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    Dec 20, 2006
    Lake Mary, Florida
    15" MBP, Core i7/2GHz, 8GB RAM, 480GB Crucial M500 SSD
    Well, I've had a few, but this is currently what's in my stable:

    * 15" MacBook Pro (early 2008)
    * Dell Inspiron 700m
    * Custom built PC, sporting a Gigabyte NVIDIA 650i chipset, Core 2 Duo E6550, 2GB of RAM, Windows Vista x64 and XP.
    * Dell Inspiron 600m (this is a project machine that I haven't decided what to do with yet - it came in as a customer machine and they decided not to replace the system board due to cost, so I bought it from them).

    Throughout my life, I've owned:

    Commodore 64C & 128
    Amiga 600
    Amiga 2000
    Amiga 4000
    Too many custom PCs to list
    DEC Notebook (can't remember the specific model, but it was vintage 1996)
    Dell Inspiron 8200
    Dell Latitude CPi
    Dell Latitude CPiA
    Dell Latitude L400
    Dell Latitude C400
    Mac IIsi
    1st generation MacBook Pro
    Liquid and computers don't mix. It might seem simple, but we see an incredible amount of people post here about spills. Keep drinks and other liquids away from your expensive electronics!

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Pro:2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB 1066Mz DDR3 SDRM-2x2GB 320GB Serial ATA @ 7200 SuperDrive 8X DL
    aluminum macbook
    I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~Author Unknown

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    Jul 14, 2008
    Scotland, UK
    nMP 6-core/32Gb/D700/512Gb: rMBP 15" 2.3GHz/16Gb/512Gb: iPhone 6 128Gb: iPad Air 2 128Gb: NEC PA322U
    Computer time line:

    1994-2000: Packard Bell desktop. Intel 486SX2 (50MHz), 16Mb RAM, SiS graphics (2Mb), Creative Sound Blaster 16, 500Mb HDD. Ran Win 3.11 for Workgroups until 1999 then was upgraded to Windows 95 for internet access.

    2000-2002: Compaq Deskpro. Intel PII Xeon 450MHz, 256Mb RAM, ATi Rage Pro Turbo AGP x4 (16Mb), built-in audio, 6Gb HDD, running 98SE (downgraded from 2k pro). Later upgraded to GeForce 440MX (64Mb) PCI, 60Gb 7,200rpm HDD, Win Me>2k Pro>XP Pro.

    2002-2003: Compaq Presario. AMD Athlon 1.33GHz, 512Mb, GeForce 440MX graphics (from deskpro), 80Gb HDD, built-in audio. Ran windows xp home, then changed to 2k pro, later Windows XP Pro.

    2004-2007: Few home brew PCs, last had a Intel C2D 2.2GHz o/ced to 2.4GHz, 2Gb RAM, 320Gb RAID0, ATi X850 256Mb, SB Live 24bit, TV-tuner.

    2007 fall until summer 2008: Sony VAIO AR laptop. 17", Intel C2D 2.4GHz, 2Gb RAM, 160Gb HDD, nVidia 8600M GT 256Mb, DVD+-RW, on Vista home premium 64-bit - Great OS.

    Summer 2008: Apple Power Mac G5, 2x 2.7GHz, 2.5Gb RAM, 400Gb HDD, ATi 9650XT 256Mb, superdrive, OS X.5.6.

    Wow, that took a while to type and that was shortening the home brews!

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