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Hello all,

As many of interested people, I just downloaded Aperture 3 demo. I must say that I never used Aperture, nor had it been installed.

What I have just accomplished lately was the DVD of my vacations (I switched a little more than a month ago)... I was quite happy with it, the result is very nice and clean... How did I did it ? Simple : Import my files to iPhoto, and used iMovie to create the cuts in the videos, adding some pictures in it to be displayed as a slide show, to cut the rythm of my personal movie.

Now that I discover Aperture 3, I found it great to be able to tweak my pictures, enhancing them before I start working in iMovie...

I must also say that I'm no professional at all... I like nice pictures, and I like shooting what I see... I'm just a pure amateur... So, no offense beeing made, I don't think more powerful that iMovie would suit me (like final cut). I'm ok with iMovie, so let's stick with it.

So, I went for a test with Aperture 3. Imported files from my iPhoto collection (just copied the files, just in case Aperture doesn't give me what I want). It's a small collection of 600 pictures, took during my last vacation.

Importing was very right and easy. I tried some improvements, but I need to learn though that software, because I doesn't work as the videos showed me, but that's still ok...

When I wanted to check out if it was working with iMovie 09, I was a little disappointed... iMovie sees my movies I had imported at the same time (my daughter shot a few stuff with our camera, instead of taking pictures). So, iMovie sees the movies. But when I click on the camera icon, to get to my pictures folder, or to link to Aperture, I only get iPhoto...

Is that normal ? Is there a way to get Aperture 3 photos into iMovie, or do i need to switch back and forth from iPhoto to Aperture to iPhoto to be able to put them together when I make an iMovie project ?

Do you have any solution ?

Thanks for your answers,

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