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I'm wavering between buying a docking station and buying a Time Machine. The wireless printer and USB drive (formerly the MBP's 250GB platter drive) will sit nicely on the desk. I could connect them all to a docking station or just use a Time Machine (thus eschewing the 250GB platter drive).

Time Machine: $300 (with built-in router)
Docking Station: $250 + $50 for router

I'm really tempted to go with the Docking Station. I don't like waste, so I'm loath to leave a 250GB drive lying around. Is there a way to connect the 250GB USB drive to a Time Machine and expand the disk space available to the TM?

You know, with all this talk of spending hundreds of dollars, it's easy to forget that the little things mean so much. My $10 rubber overlay for the keyboard has already saved me from cat hairs, flakes of skin, fingerprints... I'm not afraid of germs or dirt but geez, I had no idea so much crap fell upon a keyboard in one day.

Oh, and the Bluetooth headset for MacSpeech arrived. It's charging now.

@chas_m --- you might be right. Perhaps I should buy a 2TB Time Machine in preparation for the inevitable "Oh honey, of course I love you! Yes, I'll buy you a MacBook just like mine."
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