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Hey there everyone. My name is douglas. i have been using windows for many years..... well, tolerating, windows for many years. After my severe disappointment with xp, and then vista, and going through many crashes, and many days of formatting, and restoration, i vowed i would eventually take the jump to mac, and try it out. i am big on "if your gonna do it, do it big" so i ordered a MBP with the works (500gig hd@7200, 8gig ram, 15inch), which should be here within the next few days.

I am big on pictures, i have almost 5,000 archived on my 2tb wd drive, and have just recently put all my older pics in there, everything pre-2010, so i only have about 600 on my pc, that i will be moving to my mac immediately.

I am looking to get more into video aswell. i have been told that macs are superior to pc in almost every way, but i have had several people put an emphasis on video editing. it was my understanding that video editing has more to do with your program, than your os, but i am not complaining. i will take a mac users word over a pc user anyday.

My software plan includes Adobe CS4 MC, MS Office 2008, aperture, and of course the standard ilife. i am also going to have crossover, incase i cant find a mac version of a program i may be interested in down the road.

Backups im gonna do with my WD passport elite, 500 gig. gonna give time machine a go, i guess.

Ok, so, i think that covers it? let me know. I want any and all advice, and please, correct me if i seem to have any misconceptions about mac. PLEASE, tell me if you highly reccomend specific programs, as i am not familiar with all the programs available to mac.

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