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Originally Posted by 613 View Post
Sounds like a good plan to me

I imagine a 256GB SSD is very expensive! I wouldn't need that much storage space on the go, so not for me. But I would love an SSD, would make my old MacBook a little faster, I imagine.

I use Time Machine to back-up my laptop, and I can tell you that you would need a much larger back-up HDD than the laptop's own drive, otherwise it will begin to overwrite quite quickly. But that is from my experience with Time Machine. It probably depends what back-up program you use!

I'm sure your new MBP will outlast 2013! My MB is almost 5, and my G4 Cube is coming on 10 years old!

All in all, I am very jealous of your purchase! I hope your plan works!
I'm using a WD pocket drive with about 250 gigs of'll hold up to 6 backups before it overwrites the oldest. It's why I back up every two weeks (and leave the drive disconnected between BU's)

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