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I'm switching from Linux to Mac, giving my Toshiba NB205 to my girlfriend, and buying a MacBook 13".

When the 256GB solid state drive arrives from Amazon, I'll replace the 250GB platter-based drive, put it in a shell w/ USB adapter, and use it for weekly backup. (I'll also use BackBlaze for online backup.)

I'll be using MacSpeech and a bluetooth microphone/headset for dictation. I've chosen iWork instead of Microsoft Office: I don't approve of Microsoft's business practices. That's why I'm choosing Mac over PC.

I've opted for the 3-year AppleCare warranty. I suspect the solid state drive will outlast the rest of the laptop. I'll simply move the drive to the next laptop (in 2013?) and keep doing that until the drive dies.

Ubuntu Linux does almost everything I want, except speech-to-text. I could have bought ViaVoice and installed the Linux/X Window wrapper, but I had a gut feeling that the 1.66GHz Atom CPU would be overwhelmed.

I think I've got everything under control, but that's what everyone thinks. You guys rock, you give great advice, and I love the 'Search' function on this website.

The MBP is sitting in its box in the corner of the living room, waiting for the solid state drive to arrive. I have to say, it's really hard to leave it alone, but I'm certain it's best to wait for the drive.

Must... resist... shiny... thing...
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