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I got my new Unibody white macbook shortly after they were released, 2nd week of Nov. 2009. I have loved the unit and treated it very delicately, but last week i noticed 2 small hairline cracks in the plastic, right where the hinge is. I searched the net and found no one else who had this problem. I took it to the Apple store and they said "usually" they wouldn't cover this, that it would be called cosmetic damage, but after the genius looked it over, he realized that other than the cracks my unit was in pristine condition; so they said they would cover it under warranty and replace the screen and top casing.

I was just wondering if anyone else had experience a similar problem?

I know the older macbooks had a cracking problem but this is a newer unit, the current generation. And since they are so new, i figured maybe i am the first to encounter this. Every epidemic starts with one person...
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