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I am a new IMac owner. I have an iPod with a lot of music on it. I want to move the iPod's music to the iMac. There is already some music on the iMac but I want to add the iPod's music to it, or if necessary, erase what's on the iMac and move the iPod music onto to the iMac.

When I attach the iPod to the iMac with a USB cable, the iPod icon shows up the iMac screen's right side. But along with that icon, is the following message: "The iPod 'Jim's iPod' is synced with another iTunes library ((my old PC)). Do you want to erase this iPod and sync with this iTunes library?"

In this message box are two buttons, "cancel" and "erase and sync" If I click on the cancel button, the iPod icon on iMac's screen disappears.

I am afraid to click on the "erase and sync" button as I do NOT want to erase the music on the iPod…exactly the opposite…I want what's on the iPod to be on the iMac.

But with the iPod icon disappearing, how do I do that without erasing my iPod music?
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