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I'm new here and to the Mac "world". Bought my first MBP last week, already upgraded to 8GB of RAM because I use this machine for work and must run Windows 7 (I chose to use Parallels instead of Bootcamp).

My question is... I was browsing around for info on SSD drive replacements and seem to find conflicting reports on this technology. Is it a reliable solution at this point in time? or should I stick with traditional platter drives? I'm considering the 256GB Crucial drive or the 200GB OWC drive. From all that I've read (and seen videos on youtube) its dramatically improves performance especially when running virtual machines. I'm concerned with data integrity and drive life... From what I can tell, this media can only write to each block a certain number of times before the block is labeled "bad". It seems like this would not last very long in a busy laptop.

Opinions? anyone else find a good resource on the web (FAQ) etc... ???

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