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Hello there,

I recently got into an arguement with my landlord, who claims I've used up 15 gigs in a month. This seems highly illogical seeing all I do all day is surf, sit on MSN, investigate (graphical design), download images and watch videos on youtube. I know youtube takes up some bandwith, but take a look at this chart down here.
Now he's warned me before and he told me that I was using too much. I asked him if there was any way I could check for myself, how much I used and he replied with a no, and that I should just avoid any website that allows me to stream videos and such. But as a graphic design student I sometimes need those videos, as a part of my investigation for the work I wish to put out.
Alright, given, I also watch some vids I enjoy, but I don't go over 20-30 small video's a day.

So according to this chart I'm 15 gigs over the normal monthly amount I'm allowed to use.

I've told him I was a bit sceptical about the amount, seeing I never download anyting and I only stream small video's and seeing he still wouldn't give me a list of the things I might've done to get this quota, I need some sort of a meter that'll allow me to monitor it myself.

Is there such an application? Then I can just use that.

Thanks a lot.
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