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First of all, on all newer MACs, the fan control is done by the BIOS when under Bootcamp, provided you do all the OS.X updates. This FAN control update was done to deal with XP and VISTA heat issues.

So for ie. a newer 24''/27'' I-MAC with a Nvidia GT130 (9800m GTS) or a ATI (mobile), it is a non issue, it will work just fine. All the graphics on I-MACs are done by mobile cards.

However, for Macbooks there can be issues, even so... less so since the last Apple BIOS updates...

The easy cheap fix is to buy some of there 3M rubber feet which are self adhesive, these about 1cm high (1/2 Inch) and to stick em on the rear underside of your Aluminum Macbook, one left one right. It will lift the rear of the Macbook, allowing for better airflow, it works wonders! The side effect is that it becomes easier to type on your I-Mac when it is on any hard even surface.

As to using SMC FAN Control... since the BIOS update, at least on my MacBook Pro, when I play a game under Vista... the FANs crank up 100%... so I use SMC FAN control only, when I do a full defrag under Windows Vista (I turned off auto defrag), as I had problems early on when I installed Vista, before the BIOS udpate with the MacBook Pro becoming too hot. I don't want defrag to do WRONG because the little HD gets too hot.

So... if you do all the OS.X updates... you should be just fine.

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