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I like to read websites - from afar. Currently I mainly use Opera for this, or firefox - I use heavy zooming and disable stylesheets.

I'm happy to carry on using Opera - but I need my view settings as defaults. Or to be able to toggle modes quickly.

I have a powerbook and zooming is slow. The redrawing is slow - I like the text to be large and fitted to the browser width / 12 words per line.

Something like Dillo. I don't wish to use a mouse at all.

I used to have my own stylesheet to overide - but I'm guessing there are many others in the same boat - and there may be tools or convenience plugins or scripts available. (numbered links is a killer feature in linx)

I'm probably better off with a console based browser - but you lose flash and the odd pic - I also like tabs or the ability to open a dozen or so pages.
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