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Originally Posted by cnroberts View Post
You certainly don't map a drive to a network share in the same way that you would in legacy Windows networks. To be honest, drive mappings are old-school and I always steer my clients away from using them. Still drive mappings persist. In Mac OS, you'll connect to the file server a little more directly.

So far, I've found two ways to connect. One way is to access the share on the server using the URL (ie: cifs://server_name/share_name) in the "Connect to Server" window under the Go menu.

The second, (new to me since I recently upgraded from Tiger to Leopard) is a little more user-friendly. In a Finder window, all my servers and Win/Mac computers show up in the left-hand pane. I just select my server, then double-click on the share. You'll probably have to click on the Connect As button and provide your Windows server login.
Sorry to bring up such an old school way of connecting, lol. Thats the only thing i knew. I guess a better question would be "when i plug my ethernet cable into my computer at my office how do i connect to my companies server?"
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