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Hiya guys I'm Sy and I've been using Mac for about a year for school but I was never quite aware of all the different things about it. So I have a few quick questions and one bigger question I've always wondered about.

1. Is it fine to leave programs open all the time, or will this slow the computer down like a Windows?

2. Is it fine to leave Macbook Pro on all the time, closing the screen just to "give it a rest"? Or, like with Windows, will it die after being left on for half a week?

3. Bigger question, I'm looking for something like Expose or Spaces, but you can sort things out by interest. For example, currently I have about 14 Safari and Firefox windows open, with about 10-20 tabs to each. What I'd like is a way to organize the windows by what they are being used for, currently it's

- Guitar lessons and tabs/musical notation/theory
- Web Design tutorials
- Web Hosting Interface
- Flash Tutorials
- Scholarships
- Craigslist and Job Searches
- Forums
- Video tutorials/Movie Research

I just today stumbled on Spaces, which seems almost like what I'm looking for, except it does things by application, not window. All Safari windows go in one space and can't be organized further it seems.

Also, the fact that Spaces seems disabled by default troubles me. Does spaces slow down your Mac or something? I'd imagine it's like running multiple systems at the same time...


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