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Well it started of when i was using the computer and then i went down stairs to have lunch........when i came back up stairs my Macbook Pro lost internet connection and Msn was logged off i tried 2 reconnect internet on it but the sign on the top bar came out with a exclamation mark (!) ....and when i placed my mouse on it it had this message (Alert: No Internet Connection...) But it still has a tick next to the Network i wanted to connect to...Then i went to System Preference and the colour code next to Airport was Orange...Only my Macbook Pro couldn't connect to internet... my Windows laptop is connected and also my Mac Mini is connected too.

This is what i tried

-i tried turning off Airport on and off and connect again but it still didnt work
-i "forgot" the network for my mac and tried putting in the password and stuff again and it failed..
-restarted my computer and it didnt work..

Can someone please help me

Ty For All Who Tried To Help Me
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