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When I asked probably a month ago if a Mac was right for me, I got a bunch of great replies here.

I was thinking of getting the entry level Macbook. But one guy suggested that I consider a refurbished, entry level Macbook Pro for the same price. Suggested it was the same as new.

So I did consider it, and I bought it, for the same price as the entry level Macbook. (with the white plastic enclosure instead of milled aluminum)

I just opened it now, but haven't powered it up yet. (I need to work a few more hours first) But it does indeed look like new. the only way I could tell it isn't is maybe a bit less cellophane wrap and such. Here are some pix to give you an idea:

Opening the box, we have the accessories slide box nested on top of the computer in custom foam inserts that fit the exterior box, and give some spacing in case someone hits it from the outside:

Opening the slide box, we find in the left compartment a little envelope labeled 'Everything else' install DVDs for Mac OS X and applications, a couple of white Apple stickers, (I'm going to put one on my black work laptop) and a software license agreement pamphlet (Has anyone actually ever read that?); a black microfiber screen cloth, and an 84 pg., all English booklet entitled 'Everything Mac.'

The rest of the pictures show what looks like a mint condition Macbook Pro. No scratches or dents anywhere.

Top view:

Right side view:

Left side view:

Overall close-up, open view:

Keyboard and touch pad close-up:

Now I can spend a couple hundred dollars on AppleCare, a case, and maybe a MagicMouse without too much guilt.

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