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Originally Posted by Nethfel View Post
Here's my personal opinion - so for what it's worth:

Get what your comfortable with, but for heavens sake, don't get an HP consumer grade machine.

There are a lot of great laptops out there on both sides of the computing world. The core i7 in laptops has some great potential, but HP, honestly, has got a terrible rep when it comes to laptops - they break faster, they tend to have poor cooling (ie: they overheat), they're loaded with bloatware, etc.

Here's just one article on the topic:

Laptop reliability survey: ASUS and Toshiba win, HP fails -- Engadget

I honestly don't care what you get - Windows or Mac, I have and use both (windows laptop for gaming, Mac computer/laptop for my other day to day stuff) - you need to get what works for you.

ps - I should note - if you decide to look at an Asus, if you're looking at the G series that has the i7 (Gx1A), you might want to check the forums at Quality Notebook and Laptop Reviews, Benchmarks, News, Discussions, Pricing and more. for Asus - their gaming series core i7 unit had some BSoD issues under certain circumstances - this may have been worked out now, but I don't know - all I know is that when I was looking at either a core2duo or i7 last year, there were some problems with the i7 - I ended up getting a C2D asus gaming laptop (slightly older version that was more in my budget range)
Thank you for the heads up about HP products. I guess I was just tempted for the price they offer for a system with brand new i7 processor. For HP price, I can only get 13" MBP (but then apple hardwares are always more expensive )

While sometimes we take things for granted, I do appreciate the security of running MacOS X, and believe me I will never forget that
This is actually my biggest concern when I was tempted to switch back to Windows. I am comfortable using both OS, but for security, stability, and user-friendliness, OS X wins.

Probably I should wait for the refresh in May then, hopefully the MBPs will be updated with new processors, or at least better specs.
Thanks guys for all the opinions
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